About This Photo Library

MITSloan 2013 Photo Library. This library should only be accessed by authorized personnel. If you have any questions please email photolibrary@sloan.mit.edu.

• Step one, sign up for an account (You will need to email photoarchive@sloan.mit.edu for permission to view the images)

• Step two, log in and browse the images by using the search tool and browsing the galleries. Full resolution images can be downloaded directly from this site.

• Step three, create lightboxes and share the lightbox with your team. This will save your images for easy retrieval.

**For any images where copyright is in question, instead of emailing photoarchive@sloan.mit.edu with a list of individual image files names, please create a lightbox and share this lightbox with photoarchive@sloan.mit.edu (selected from the drop down menu). This will send an html email with the images and links embedded in the email.

What is a Lightbox?

A lightbox is essentially a place where you can save the images you are interested in, and later, go back to decide if you want use the image, share it with others or use it in your project. Lightboxes most often put the photo you are interested in ahead of a solid background, often black, to enhance the features of the particular image and filter out what other images may take away. Your lightbox allows you to take some time to review the images, compare the images and examine them thoroughly before downloading. Once you have spent hours performing your search, you don’t want to have to go through them again to decide on the one you want. The lightbox allows you to separate the ones you are interested in from those you don’t need. In other terms, you could essentially think of your lightbox as your “cart.” Though you most likely won’t plan on downloading everything in your lightbox, you are more likely to use something from the selection you have put into it. Another use for a lightbox may be a presentation to others, as far as what is available for a project you are working on. You can compile a gallery of images after you’ve filtered through everything else, and have a discussion based on the images in your lightbox. Along the same lines, if you work remotely with your other coworkers, you could compile those images into a lightbox and share the lightbox with a contact via email. By being able to narrow down the images prior to others taking a look saves time and money for your company.

Search Tips:

Try to use deliberate search text criteria for best results. For example when searching specifically for a faculty member like Andrew Lo, search for just the person's last name. This will improve your search results.

-Default to last name only (if it is distinctive)
-Try using photographers last name or professors last name etc..
-Try using month spelled out, like (November)
-Try using the quick top right global white empty search box and also try the "Search" tab feature. Here you can control your search criteria, like date range etc

Search term text examples:

Students Working
Faculty In Action
Student Life

Use the following tips to optimize your searches:
Use "&" to find images that contain both words:

image & photo

Use "|" to find images that contain either word:

image | photo

Use "-" to find images that contain "image" but not "photo"

image -photo

Use "(" and ")" to group parts of the search

(photo | photograph) image

Use quotes to match a phrase

"the best photo"

All of these may be combined

"the best photo" & (portrait | travel) photographer